World Water Day

March 22, 2021

Wish you all a Wonderful World Water Day!

The essence of this day highlights the importance of freshwater, lays emphasis on the sustainable management of fresh water and seeks to focus on the water crisis. This Day is an occasion to learn more about water-related issues, be inspired to educate other people and implement prompt actions to make a difference.

Water has different meanings to different people. In the household, educational, health care and workplace scenarios water can mean health and hygiene. In cultural and religious settings water can mean a connection with the creation. Whereas, in open space, context water can mean harmonious relation with nature.

Many Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi celebrate various days and often ignore this day but we considered World Water Day a very important day to circulate the importance of conserving water. You can also celebrate this Day and bring awareness among the society about the importance of conserving the water with cool ideas. You can pick any idea and have loads of fun with it in your neighborhood. These are as follows:

* Share clean water with people in need

* Educate about the water crisis

* Run a clean water campaign

* Fix a debate on water conservation

By extending the radius of social responsibility, we are reinstating smiles on water-deprived faces, facilitating good health, amplifying sanitation solutions as well as creating opportunities. 

The Hotel School solicits your support to conserve water.