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December 06, 2019


Deepak Atri

23 May 2019

There has been a lot of talk about spa cuisine in the past year and some people are questioning just exactly what the phrase means. Some assume it’s vegetarian or blend food served in tiny quantities. Other wonder if it’s a new –age “superfood, but in reality, spa cuisine can include meat and it is delicious and can be served in perfect portions so your body doesn’t crave non – essential foods.

Now a days all the Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi move towards this new trends so having the same trends in mind the students at The Hotel School, New Delhi are taught about the Spa Food. Spa food has come a long way from its sprout and millet beginning. Today, it essentially means taking our food preparation and cooking methods back to the simpler and less refined ways of the past .Among all the Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi, The Hotel School, New Delhi focuses on regular healthy cuisine and spa cuisine and the spa cuisine is focused on eating balanced diet as per your body type to balance the nutritional requirements of your body. It also works in synchronization with spa therapies and body workouts to achieve the required balance in the body.

Spa cuisine is based on the Ayurveda principles of eating as per your body type. Ayurveda doctors help guest to identify their body types and then the diet is planned to balance the doshas in the body. With spa cuisine the focus is on fresh produce and in- season ingredients.

Today many restaurants and hotels are serving spa food as it is not only healthful but light and lovely too. But now the question arise from where you can learn the required skills about Spa and healthy food. To know about this new trend among all the Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi you are required practical base institutions like The Hotel School New Delhi which is affiliated from tourism and hospitality skill council under national skill development corporation scheme.

On the West Coast, several major hotel restaurants, generally known as bastions of hearty are also featuring spa food on their menu.
Out of all the Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi, The Hotel School, New Delhi is one of such college which is very much aware about this new trend and teaches its students about the same. By virtue of which they will get better opportunity to work with branded hotels all around the world.

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