The Hotel School's Premier Industrial Training Program

The Hotel School's Premier Industrial Training Programme

July 19, 2023

The Hotel School's Premier Industrial Training Programme

Every aspiring student's journey into the world of hotel management begins with a crucial first step: industrial training. Practical experience is as essential as theoretical knowledge in the dynamic hospitality industry. Let our experienced hospitality professionals guide you through the significance of industrial training, shaping your path to a successful career in hotel management.


Industrial Training Responsibilities: Shaping Your Future

As an industrial trainee in the vibrant realm of hotel management, you play a pivotal role in shaping your successful career. Embrace these friendly and vital responsibilities during your training:


Be Punctual: Show dedication and respect by being punctual for your training sessions and duties.


Maintain an up-to-date Logbook: Track your progress and learning journey by keeping your training logbook current and organized.


Be Attentive and Careful: Ensure accuracy and precision by paying close attention to your tasks.


Strive for High Standards: Stand out in the industry by aiming for excellence in all your work.


Embrace Learning: Expand your knowledge and skills eagerly throughout the training period.


Foster Positive Interactions: Build collaborative and friendly relationships with hotel staff.


Show Honesty and Loyalty: Demonstrate integrity in your actions, being honest and loyal to the hotel and your training.


Seek Regular Appraisals: Assess your progress and gain valuable feedback by getting appraisals signed regularly by HODs or training managers.


Maximize Exposure: Actively participate and gain practical knowledge and skills to make the most of your training experience.


Attend Review Sessions/Classes: Enhance your understanding and expertise by regularly attending training review sessions and classes.


Embrace Challenging Work Conditions: Face challenges with a positive attitude, prepared for the industry's demanding nature.


Stick to the Training Schedule: Demonstrate commitment to the program by adhering to the prescribed training schedule.


Take Initiative: Show proactive engagement in your work, utilizing training as a unique opportunity for valuable exposure and experience.


Complete Handover: Ensure a smooth transition at the end of your Industrial Training by handing over all reports, appraisals, logbooks, and completion certificates to the institute.


By fulfilling these responsibilities with dedication, you'll pave the way for a rewarding and successful career in the captivating world of hotel management. Your journey as an industrial trainee is a stepping stone towards achieving your dreams in this dynamic industry. Embrace learning, seize every opportunity, and make the most of this exciting experience!


How The Hotel School Fulfills its responsibility

At The Hotel School, we take our responsibility of providing premier industrial training opportunities seriously. Our well-structured approach includes:


Comprehensive Briefings: Prior to industrial training, we provide students with comprehensive briefings, acquaint them with the industry environment, and set clear expectations.


Transparent Communication: Keeping students well-informed about the training schedule, ensuring awareness of important details.


Effective Coordination: Regular coordination with hotels, especially the training manager, to monitor and support students' progress.


Continuous Monitoring: Visiting hotels whenever possible to ensure students receive the best possible training experience.


Conflict Resolution: Promptly resolve any issues between trainees and hotels to foster a positive learning environment.


Feedback Collection: Actively seeking feedback from students after training to make necessary improvements.


Guidance on Assessments: Offering detailed guidance on appraisals, attendance, logbooks, training reports, and overall assessment criteria.


Commitment to Placements: Adhering to commitments made during the selection process, ensuring no changes to the training hotel or batch.


Completion Certification: Ensuring all trainees procure their training completion certificates from hotels before rejoining the institute.


Our goal at The Hotel School is to equip students with the best opportunities for growth and success in the hospitality industry. By fulfilling our responsibilities, we aim to provide a transformative industrial training experience that nurtures talents and prepares students for rewarding careers in the dynamic world of hotel management.



Industrial training is a cornerstone of your successful career in hotel management. It equips you with practical skills, industry insights, and a valuable professional network. 

At The Hotel School Delhi, our commitment to providing extensive industrial training opportunities ensures you leave with the confidence, skills, and experience to excel in the exciting world of hospitality. 

Prepare for a rewarding and successful career in hotel management with us - take that step now, and let's embark on this exciting journey together!


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