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December 06, 2019



17 May 2019

Remuneration in hotel industry differs depending upon the hotel management college the candidate graduated from, work experience, skills and ability to handle tough situations. Those who come from top notch Hotel Management college in Delhi have better starting salaries. Similarly, candidates with diploma or certification programs can also get good starting salaries. Again the salary package differs a lot on the size and shape of the employment company. Large hotel chains offer attractive remuneration and pamper their employees.

Demand and Supply

India not only has mismatch in terms of hotel room supply and demand but in terms of professionals required to manage hotels. Whereas the demand is much higher than the existing 1,14,000 hotel rooms across all categories, India is facing acute shortage of trained hotel staff. So the Hotel Management college in Delhi, working hard on the students for developing skills and knowledge. The situation in the 19th Commonwealth Games in Delhi shows the real picture wherein owing to dearth of trained hotel management professionals things were in sad state of affairs. Job prospects for hotel management graduates are expected to grow as new hotels would come up in next couple of years. The shortage of trained human resource in hotel industry is advantageous to hotel management graduates from the Hotel Management college in Delhi who can bargain for better salaries.


Market Watch

The current state of hotel industry shows that India is being seen as a lucrative destination for hotel chains looking for growth. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, India is 18th popular business travel destination and in next couple of years it may be in top five. Therefore the Hotel Management college in Delhi, especially The Hotel School hires experienced faculties to provide a good theoretical and practical knowledge to the students and prepare them for the top brands. With shortage of hotel rooms, dearth of trained hotel management professionals, a lot needs to be done. With incentives coming from the Government of India, real estate developers and hoteliers are trying to build new hotels which would increase the job opportunities for young hotel management graduates.

International Focus

Hilton hotel chain, Ramada hotel chain, Hyatt hotel chain, La Quinta hotel chain, Marriott hotel chain, Radisson hotel chain, Days Inn hotel chain, Best Western hotel chain, etc offer attractive career option for hotel management graduates from top notch Hotel Management college in Delhi. Hotel management graduates working in abroad are also offered handsome salaries.


Being known as one of the most glamorous careers there are various positive elements of working in hotel industry that one get to know about the latest skills and techniques used in the industry. It makes a person fully groomed and situation tackler for any circumstances. Therefore The Hotel School, i.e the Hotel Management college in Delhi, has a lot of responsibility to prepare a student for hard work and cumbersome tasks in hotels so that they can handle pressurizing conditions with cool and poise behaviour and this is an area where The Hotel School emphasises a lot.

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