Food Production Courses In India

December 06, 2019


Deepak Atri

26 April 2019

Confucius said, “Everyone eats and drinks, but few appreciate taste.” When you understand a bit about the science of taste, you may join the few who appreciate it. In fact, the science of taste is amazing. The human sensory systems allow us to distinguish about 100,000 different flavors. Flavors emanate from our bodies’ ability to discern one taste from another.

Taste is the number one driver of consumer choice in food and beverages. Understanding how we experience taste is fundamental to unlock how consumers evaluate and make food choices. So what exactly do we mean by taste?


This is very important that all Food production courses in India should understand the Taste is a powerful and complex thing. It’s not just about flavor, or about sweet, salty, bitter or sour. It’s a multi-sensory human experience a layered effect of appearance, sound, touch, basic tastes, mouth feel and aroma, all influenced by our cultures, life stages, individual preferences and mindset.

But now the question arises from where you can learn that required skills so that you can recognize the taste of your customer. From all the Food Production Course in India the institution like The Hotel School, New Delhi emphasis on types of taste and flavor coming from the different dishes. The Hotel School, New Delhi teaches to their students about these taste sensation so that the students comprehend the taste and flavor.

The food production course in India follows different methodologies to inculcate the learning of taste and flavor in students. Like, The Hotel School, regularly arranges many events on food production based on Continental, Indian and Fusion Cuisine etc and workshop on herbs and spices which imbibe the knowledge of medicinal values, taste, nutrition to students.

The Hotel School, New Delhi understands how taste is created from a culinary perspective, searching the culinary world for the newest and most innovative dishes and flavors. We bring new platforms to life by translating the techniques and methods used to create authentic and delicious taste experiences.

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