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December 06, 2019



30 April 2019

Let’s know…….What is “People Skills”

There are many Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi, but among them “The Hotel School” is the one of the institutes which has been putting special emphasis on “People Skills” which means set of skills enabling a person to get along with others, to communicate ideas effectively, to resolve conflicts, and to achieve personal or business goals. People skills are essential for business functions such as sales, marketing, and customer service, but are also important for all employees in order to ensure the smooth functioning of an organization. Good people skills are defined as the ability to listen, to communicate and to relate to others on a personal or professional level.

Here are few “People Skills” you will need to succeed in Hospitality Industry

Active listening skills. Hearing someone and actively listening to them are two different things. Most people hear someone speak and start to form a response in their mind (or worse, start talking) before the person finishes what they’re saying. “The key is to actively listen, which takes more time but produces better results. It means you listen without interruption and then take the time to think and form a response before replying. It takes practice, but it pays off.”

Awareness of body language. The importance of body language is huge, since it makes up the majority of how we communicate with others. “The reality is, we’re communicating with people all the time even when we’re not speaking. So many “Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi” teaches and trains on core subjects and practicals but “The Hotel School has been emphasizing on teaching about “Being mindful of what our gestures, expressions, voice, and appearance are communicating can greatly help or harm our people skills,”

Proactive problem solving. Work is a series of problem solving situations, but if you’re proactive, you’ll take the pressure off your boss and colleagues. This is a great people skill to have in the workplace.”The “Hotel School” always prepares students proactive in solving problems through number of activities like role plays, case studies and group discussions.

Good manners. There are number of “Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi” from them “The Hotel School” is the one, where they have created a culture of “Using ‘please’ and ‘thank you because as it goes a long way in the realm of people skills. Work is more than getting something accomplished; it’s how we get it accomplished.


The ability to be supportive and motivate others. People want others to believe in them, regardless of how successful they might be. By showing support in the form of encouragement, you can put someone back on track or keep them headed in the right direction. The demand of people is very high in “Hospitality Industry” who are supportive and motivate other

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