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December 06, 2019



26 April 2019

“The hospitality industry is a people-driven business, by understanding human behaviour, service providers like hotels and resorts will not only understand what the market needs, but will stand against competitors by creating unique experiences while fostering customer loyalty.”


On the basis of above written scenario of industry, now a days, The Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi, have a focus on Team Strengthening approach. As the undergrads after completing the degree join the industry, it is must for them to know about the working culture and people oriented approach.

The Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi develop the students by teaching them understanding clients, and simultaneously the importance of understanding the team too. The teachers through their lectures on real time scenario inculcate the importance of understanding the culture of their team and know what motivates people, and how to create a healthy working environment that delivers exemplary customer services which is a vital ingredient in a successful hotel operation.”

Faculties deliver their lectures and develop an environment where the students take and follow five methodological methods of success, and those are:

Get Inspiration from a role model

Teachers of The Hotel School, inspire the student to follow, a role model because he is a person who inspires and encourages to strive for greatness and once the student gets an inspiration and seeing their role model achieve great things at work always make them to follow their footstep and by this they can achieve great success.

Understand the changing marketplace

Management of The Hotel School believes that success comes from constant professional development, so the faculty continuously educates students by providing information on hotels on regular basis. Because it’s important that students understand the evolution of the hotel sector, the changing market behaviours, what competitors are doing differently and new trends affecting the industry.”

Set goals for students

It is important to set goal for student. Because a goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person envisions, plans and commits to achieve and it is the most easiest way to reach goals within a finite time by setting deadlines. So teachers work on it every time for the success of students.

Keep communication open

Another most important element is the “open communication”. So The Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi focus on motivating the students to do the open communications. Lecturers try to “Always share information in team and analyse the team efforts.” It is vital that everyone knows and understands the vision of the organisation and should be aware and involved in achieving own and team goals.

Help people to feel valued

Teachers appreciate students for even small accomplishments because The Hotel management institutes in Delhi and especially The Hotel School believes that “People work better if they feel valued. Practice fairness at all times, foster good working relationships, not only within the team, but with different departments as well.”

Finally the two final pieces of advice given by The Hotel School to its students.
1. “When things get tough at school, always ask yourself, “Why are you here in the first place?”
2. Never forget about your dream and enjoy the process of achieving it.”

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