Job Profile after a Hotel Management Course

Job Profile after a Hotel Management Course

August 06, 2020

Each hotel chain or organization has its own policy regarding the responsibilities of a trainee. Few attach the trainees to a specific department before confirming them as permanent employees. While there are other chains where trainees are placed by rotation in each department to enable them learn the operational structure across departmentsand assist in daily routine operations. In such scenarios, trainees usually specialize in one or two departments.

Usually hotel management trainees work closely with housekeeping department, front desk managers, F&B department, banquet and convention facilities.

Job Responsibilities of a hotel management trainee

A hotel management trainee has to acquire a good working knowledge of the hospitality unit he/ she is employed with. The below roles and responsibilities are broadly covered across all organizations.

Front Office department

  • Registration of arriving guests
  • Assigning rooms
  • Reservation inventory
  • Answer enquiries regarding hotel services
  • Reply to mails regarding reservation
  • Serve as one-point assistance to guests
  • Respond to guests’ complaints

Food & Beverage department

  • Restaurant servicing
  • Welcoming customers and chaperoning them
  • Ensuring table reservations
  • Food & Beverage orders and service
  • Answering queries on items on the menu, offering suggestions
  • Ensuring a satisfied customer experience
  • Bartending services


  • Co-ordinating with clients and event planners
  • Ensuring seamless flow with external parties and inhouse marketing and F&B departments
  • Ensure client briefs are met accurately

Housekeeping department

  • Responsible for maintaining décor and hygiene of rooms
  • Upkeep of Bed linen, bathroom linen and other products.
  • Maintaining stock and replenishing items in fridge and tea/ coffee trays.
  • Providing service items to guests if they demand
  • Assisting with room service calls of guests

Food Production department

  • Food preparation of various cuisines, salads, starters, desserts, etc.
  • Food quality and hygiene standards
  • Procuring and maintaining raw products
  • Food costing
  • Sales& Marketing department
  • Creating a brand image of the hospitality unit
  • Pursuing clients
  • Seeking and taking care of corporate enquiries
  • Coming up with new schemes and benefits for attracting and retaining customers

Desired skill sets for a competent trainee

For Front Office one should:

  • Be able to sell hotel services to the customer
  • Have strong problem solving and interpersonal skills
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be able to deal with all types of customers and work under pressure

For Food & Beverage department one should:

  • Be able to sell F&B outlet services to the customer
  • Possess high service orientation
  • Have excellent communication skills
  • Be a good team worker
  • Have strong interpersonal skills

For Housekeepingdepartment one should:

  • Be able to do repetitive jobs with consistency and excellence
  • Give high attention to details
  • Should be a good team worker
  • Have a responsible attitude
  • Be disciplined and organized
  • Have a high level of personal integrity

For Food Production department one should:

  • Be a good team worker
  • Possess creativity and logical approach
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Be organized and adaptable to all situations
  • Have strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Quick decision making and negotiating skills

A hotel management course from a good institute, trains students in all these skill sets. Not only does it teach theoretical concepts, it also ensures adequate practical training. There are many choices of Hotel Management Courses in Delhi; but the degree and diploma courses offered by The Hotel School, stand out from the crowd. The institute also offers a one-year stand-alone course in food production.

The Hotel School

  • The degree program of the institute helps students earn a vocational qualification along with in-depth training and work experience.
  • This is because it’s a Work Integrated Training Programme (WITP), which gives students an opportunity to earn while they learn.
  • The curriculum is structured to ensure quality education and is constantly updated with recent additions and relevant information from the hospitality industry.
  • The syllabus ensures 720 hours of practical training and 540 hours of theoretical study.
  • Students undertake practical training/ internship in various departments of well-known reputed hotel chains and get acquainted with actual working conditions. This in turn is very helpful when they join hospitality units as Hotel Management trainees. They also get to earn a stipend for their efforts which gives them a feeling of financial independence.
  • The institute has a good placement record and enjoys network with leading hotel chains.
  • The institute boasts of excellent infrastructure with updated labs and classrooms, an experienced faculty, guest lecturers by industry experts, extra-curricular activities and even a scholarship programme for students.
  • The institute believes that along with degree and practical training, students should also be groomed so that they develop their personality and soft skills before stepping to hospitality sector. Hence students are also trained in subjects like Functional English, Communication Skills, Grooming and Etiquettes.

If you have planned a career in Hotel Management Course in Delhi, you should try and choose a specialization in your training period which best suits your passion and strengths. And yes, going for an established and well-known college can surely help you in getting the ball rolling!

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