Industry Expert Session by Chef Dayanand Singh

February 24, 2023

Learning through Industry Experts, workshops, assignments, demonstrations, guest lectures etc are always a great way to enhance knowledge with a lot of fun and enthusiasm. The hotel school organised a Industry Expert Session in Food Production to boost the knowledge of students in culinary arts which was  gracefully conducted by Chef Dayanand Singh who is an accomplished chef with the requisite culinary skills along with a strong combination of culinary experience and management skills .

A continental menu was prepared and demonstrated in order to motivate the budding chefs. Menu for the session was:

  • Greek Vegetable Salad
  • Vegetable Clear Soup
  • Corn Chowder
  • Grilled Chicken with mashed potatoes and saute vegetables
  • Baked Yoghurt

It was really an interactive session between the chef and the students. Chef also demonstrated the art of plating.  It was really a fruitful experience for budding chefs who were just ready to expand their arms to swim in the ocean of hospitality industry. Students enjoyed it thoroughly and were delighted to attend such a valuable session wherein they learnt in detail about continental cuisine.

We are happy to share the glimpse of the Event.