Importance of Food & Beverage in a Hotel’s Growth

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September 04, 2020

Food and drink is one of the daily basic needs of people. With the rapid development in industrialization, women are also entering the work life, increasing the family income and reduction of the time spent with family. People are being accustomed to live and consume more and more meals outside the home, as a consequence of them catering sector has emerged massively. With the growing family income, individuals throughout the year will establish the dream of vacation in the rapidly intensifying work life. Even people are exploring the places where they stay for a week or ten days to destress. Therefore people are giving more importance to hotels to stay where they know that they will be getting food of their choice, maybe something special they like. Hotel Management College in Delhi focusing on courses which emphasize on the food and beverage section.

Knowing The Hotel School

The Hotel School is a hotel management institute situated very close to the international airport at south west Delhi, near Kapashera. The Hotel School has two more campuses at Haldwani and Pithoragarh. The Hotel School provides degree and diploma courses in hotel management from a recognised university.

The institute is situated at a very convenient place for greater connectivity and reach and the sprawling campus accommodates an elaborate setup of all the required facilities. Other than spacious classrooms, library, community hall, carom, chess, table tennis are there to entertain the students off the classrooms.

THS has the best faculty members who are quite experienced in their respective departments. The team of faculty members are always dedicated to deliver their best, the professional and friendly environment makes sure of that. They train the students hard and mould them into proficient and best hospitality professionals. Practical classes are regularly conducted so that they can be very efficient on the actual job with enough confidence.

Importance of Food

Everyone has their specific choice of food or cuisine when it comes to dining outside the home. It happens with us that many times we prefer to visit a certain food outlet due to their cuisine or menu design or a specific dish with unique taste that differs from the other establishments. A good restaurant always pays importance to guest’s dietary restrictions concerning health or religion.


Much of the same considerations for beverages could be taken as for food, but when alcohol is involved, which most of the time it is, then there are additional points needed to consider. There might be many bars available throughout the hotels, but guests might prefer a particular bartender for the amazing drink he makes. Often the right mix for the right person just feels amazing which may not be found everywhere. Moreover someone might prefer a certain drink or alcoholic beverage which is exclusive to an establishment, thus prompting a guest to choose the hotel for their stay. The most important meal which gives energy to run the day is a good breakfast. Some hotels keep such an amazing breakfast just to lure guests who enjoy diving into the varieties.

Role of a Good Food & Beverage Manager

The food and beverage manager handles how the restaurants are progressing and performing. Food and beverage managers have a very good knowledge of multiple cuisines and beverages. 

They keep a track on the favorites of guests and what people are preferring nowadays. Seeing the guest demand they keep on updating the menus so that they attract guests with something new.

Few skills of a manager are that they know how to motivate, share and educate a team, attentive listener and collaborator, decisive, clear and concise, always striving to improve and lead.

The industry of food and beverage services in the hospitality is a part of the catering sector and the most important and sensitive point is the health of guests in this sector. The healthy and hygienic preparation of food and beverage is very important for someone’s well being. Hotel Management College in Delhi plays a very crucial role as they are the one who are learning and educating candidates how to tackle the concerns relating to food and beverage.

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