Importance of English in Hotel management.

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February 07, 2020

Importance of English In Hotel Management

English has become one of the most important languages worldwide, spoken by millions of people across the globe. It is no surprise that this language has gained immense popularity in the hospitality industry, with organizations preferring to hire candidates who are proficient in English.

International brands like Radisson, Hyatt, Accor Hotels, JW Marriott, Intercontinental Hotel Group, and others encourage applicants with strong communication skills to join their teams.

Students with good English communication skills also have the opportunity to work internationally on luxury cruise ships such as Princes Cruise, P&O Cruise, Disney Cruise, Costa Cruise, and others.


Role of communication in the hospitality industry?

First, it is the most common language used by tourists and travelers worldwide.

This means that staff working in hotels, restaurants, and airlines must be able to communicate effectively with their guests.

Without effective communication, it can be challenging to deliver a high level of customer service, leading to customer dissatisfaction and lost business.

Furthermore, in today's globalized world, it has become essential for hotel management professionals to communicate and collaborate with colleagues from different parts of the world. This is particularly important for those working in international hotel chains, where communication across borders is crucial.


Importance of Infrastructure in Colleges for English

Creating an English environment for learning is essential in today's globalized world, where English is the language of business, education, and communication.

A conducive English environment provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the language and develop their language skills.

This is particularly important for students who are studying English as a second language and are not exposed to English as their mother tongue.

One institution that has recognized the importance of an English environment for learning is The Hotel School.

At our institute, all courses are taught in English, and students are encouraged to communicate in English both inside and outside the classroom.

This ensures that students develop their language skills in a natural and practical way. Our institute also helps students to improve their body language and make sure that our students speak accentuated English to compete with international students.

By creating an English environment for learning, the Hotel School ensures that its graduates are well-equipped to compete in the global job market.

The hospitality industry is an international industry, and English language proficiency is essential for success in this field.


How The Hotel School can help you improve your English 

To help students improve their English communication skills, hotel management colleges like The Hotel School in New Delhi have recruited experienced and well-qualified faculty members.

The Hotel School offers a range of sessions and workshops on communication, group discussions, resume writing, interview skills, and personality development, all conducted by industry experts.

In addition to practical sessions on core subjects like front office, housekeeping, food and beverage service, and food production, the hotel school places a strong emphasis on communication skills.

The faculty members at The Hotel School believe that verbal communication is the most important subject for the success of their students, as it is critical to conveying knowledge and information effectively.

Students who attend The Hotel School in New Delhi have a unique opportunity to hone their English communication skills and prepare themselves for success in the hospitality industry.

The Hotel School recognizes that in the future, organizations will not survive in the market without potential fluent speakers, and as such, they are promoting communication skills vigorously.



 English communication skills are essential for anyone seeking success in the hospitality industry. Hotel management colleges, such as The Hotel School, are taking steps to ensure that their students are well-equipped with these skills.

By offering a range of sessions and workshops conducted by experienced faculty members, students can improve their English communication skills and increase their chances of success in the hospitality industry.






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