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May 15, 2020

Covid 19 Effects on Hotel Industry - Hotel Management

The Covid-19 is a global concern and has become a matter of discussion at every platform.  It has badly affected most of the nations in the world. Over the past few months there are plenty of articles, blogs and publications discussing its impact on the Hospitality & Travel Industry. These industries are among the most effected industries.

At this time of disappointment there is an atmosphere of negativity because of the losses in terms of Hotel revenue and uncertainty in the job security in most parts of our country specifically in Delhi being in red zone. So, being an academician and working with one of the best Hotel Management Institute in Delhi NCR - The Hotel School, New Delhi (awarded as Achiever of the year award consecutively for two years 2018 & 2019).

Under such circumstances, I thought to pen down the impact of this pandemic disease on the Hospitality Students.  


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In the current scenario, there are thousands of students pursuing Hotel Management Courses in various Institutes of Hotel Management in Delhi NCR who are uncertain about their career in Hospitality Industry. They may be very curious about their future being in Hospitality Industry. They may have a lot to discuss and the bundles of questions which they want to be answered as soon as possible.
I hope most of the Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi NCR offering various courses in
Hotel Management will address the above concern of mine and will plan subsequent strategies/actions to take students out of the dilemma. Students studying various Hotel Management courses in different Institutes of Hotel Management in Delhi NCR are the future Leaders/ Managers of this Hospitality Industry. So, this is what they can take it as an opportunity to experience the impact of such a situation and subsequent solutions adopted by the Industry leaders so that they are better prepared to face such situations in future. Students must utilize this time to improve their knowledge and upgrade their communication skills, prepare for interviews, work on their resume so that they develop an edge over the others. There are various online resources available which students can avail for their betterment. Right now they need to realize that they are required to prove themselves better than the best.  
The Hotel School, which is one among the best
Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi NCR,  is doing its best to keep students engaged and impart positivity among the students through online classes, review sessions, etc. on various platforms like Google classroom, Zoom,  etc.  We are also planning a series of Webinars to answer the questions with regards to their placements and their future in Hospitality Industry.
Remember, this is short term impact, we will evolve better.

In my next article, I will let you know about what I foresee about the growth of Hospitality Industry in next five years.

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