How to Make a Career in Travel and Tourism in India?

career in travel and tourism in india

July 02, 2023



With the rise of the experiential economy, the travel and tourism industry has emerged as one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. From its diverse culture and rich history to breathtaking landscapes and unique experiences, India offers a plethora of opportunities for travel enthusiasts and professionals alike. This article explores the avenues for pursuing a travel and tourism career in India, elucidating its prospects, challenges, and rewards.


An Outlook of the Tourism Industry in India

India, with its diverse traditions, historical monuments, and scenic beauty, has always been a major destination for tourists worldwide. As per the World Travel and Tourism Council, tourism contributed about 6.8% to India's GDP in 2019. With the government's proactive initiatives like 'Incredible India' and 'Atithi Devo Bhava', the sector is poised for further growth.


Travel and Tourism Career Options in India

A career in travel and tourism is not confined to just being a tour guide or travel agent. It encompasses an array of job roles such as travel consultant, tour operator, travel writer, airline service staff, hotel manager, event and conference organizer, and much more. It also provides opportunities to work in varied settings, from travel agencies and airlines to hotels and event companies.


High Demand Roles in This Industry

Certain roles are particularly in high demand in the travel and tourism sector in India. These include:

Travel Consultants: They advise clients on travel options and create tailored itineraries.

Tour Operators: They design and sell travel packages, including transport, accommodation, and tours.

Hotel Managers: They oversee hotel operations, ensuring guest satisfaction.

Airline Service Staff: They provide in-flight services and ensure passenger safety and comfort.


The Future of Leisure and Hospitality Careers in India

With the advent of technology, evolving customer preferences, and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the landscape of the tourism industry is evolving. The future will likely see an increase in virtual tourism, sustainable travel, customized experiences, and wellness tourism. This presents a multitude of opportunities for innovation and career growth in the sector.


Salary Prospects in the Travel and Tourism Industry in India

While the salary in the travel and tourism industry varies based on the job role, experience, and location, it generally offers competitive compensation. Entry-level roles can expect to earn around 2-3 lakhs per annum, while managerial roles can command salaries of over 10 lakhs per annum.


Job Stability and Growth in Tourism

The tourism industry offers promising job stability and growth opportunities. With the expected growth in the sector, there is a steady demand for skilled professionals. Moreover, the diverse nature of the industry allows for career progression and exploration of different roles.


Skills Required for a Good Career in Tourism and Hospitality

Successful careers in tourism require a blend of hard and soft skills. These include strong communication and interpersonal skills, cultural awareness, customer service orientation, organizational skills, problem-solving, and a flair for languages. Additionally, a degree or diploma in travel and tourism can equip you with the necessary industry knowledge and skills.


Best Cities in India to Start a Career in Tourism

Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad offer numerous opportunities in the tourism sector due to their high tourist influx and the presence of multinational hospitality companies. Additionally, tourist destinations like Goa, Jaipur, and Kerala also present ample career opportunities.


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In conclusion, a career in the travel and tourism industry in India offers immense potential for growth, development, and satisfaction. It presents a unique blend of opportunities to explore diverse cultures, interact with people, and contribute to memorable experiences for travelers. While the industry does present its challenges, with the right skills, passion, and perseverance, one can build a rewarding career in travel and tourism.




Q1: What are the job prospects in the Travel and Tourism industry in India?

The job prospects in the travel and tourism industry in India are promising, given the sector's steady growth and the government's initiatives to boost tourism. Roles are available in various segments such as travel agencies, airlines, hotels, event management, and tourism departments.


Q2: Are there opportunities for freshers in Travel and Tourism jobs in India?

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities for freshers in the travel and tourism sector in India. Entry-level roles such as travel consultant, front office staff in hotels, and airline service staff are typically open to freshers.


Q3: Are Travel and Tourism a good career choice in India?

Travel and Tourism is a good career choice in India, given the sector's growth and the diverse opportunities it offers. It is particularly suited for individuals who are passionate about travel, enjoy interacting with people, and have strong organizational skills.


Q4: What job options are available with a degree in Travel and Tourism?

A degree in Travel and Tourism opens up a variety of job options, including travel consultant, tour operator, travel writer, airline service staff, hotel manager, event and conference organizer, and many more.


Q5: Are there government jobs available in the tourism sector in India?

Yes, there are government jobs available in the tourism sector in India. These are primarily in the Ministry of Tourism, state tourism departments, and government-run hotels and tourist resorts.


Q6: What career options are available in Travel and Tourism after graduation?

After graduation in Travel and Tourism, individuals can pursue careers as travel consultants, tour operators, hotel managers, event organizers, airline service staff, or even venture into entrepreneurship with their travel start-ups.


Q7: Which career in tourism is considered the best?

The 'best' career in tourism depends on individual interests, skills, and aspirations. For those who love planning and organizing, a career as a tour operator or event manager could be a good option. Those with a knack for customer service might find roles in hotels or airlines rewarding.


Q8: What is the highest-paying job in the Travel and Tourism industry?

The highest-paying jobs in the Travel and Tourism industry are generally at the managerial level, such as hotel general manager, airline operations manager, and travel agency owner. However, the remuneration in these job roles depends on factors like experience, skills, and location.


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