Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi Thsdelhi

hotel management institutes in delhi thsdelhi

December 24, 2019

Emerging Trends in Food & beverage industry


13th February 2019

We are seeing a much more complex and challenging environment emerging within food and beverage. These changes demand a creative, flexible response to guest demands, including an emphasis on flavor, health, and strict attention to sustainable farming & livestock practices, and dietary needs. This is an innovative, creative industry. “We listen to our customers, ask questions, learn, and then lead the way.”

Emerging trend in food & beverage sector focus more on customer or guest centric. Customer has to be involved during the whole process to make their outing as enjoyable experience. We have to remember that guest is ready to pay price for quality product. They should get value for their money. Entertainment, fun sports, gaming, music, healthy & innovative dishes with world class presentation. They should have wow moment after coming to our place.

There are different Hotel management institutes in Delhi which enhances the technique and skill required for the same.

As I am willing to put some more light to such trends which are now a day’s followed in food and beverage sector. The Hotel School New Delhi is among those Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi which gives exposure in knowing and understanding the latest trends in Food and beverage industry. The students are exposed to industry trends by industrial visits, lecture by industry experts and training on the same. The mentioned below are some of the emerging trends in food and beverage sector

Local and Organic Products

Sourcing and using locally-raised meat and produce is the most productive way to meet the changing requirements for healthy dining while reducing a hotel’s or resort’s carbon footprint. Chefs are assured of fresh ingredients and much more intensive knowledge of the food they are buying and serving. . Buying from local farms will also greatly reduce transportation costs and emissions.

Fusion Cuisine

Hybrid Cuisine evolved from the fusion food trend, which sometimes resulted in dishes that were more confused than fused. Hybrid cuisine is all about respecting the craft and traditional techniques of two culinary worlds and combining items into a harmonious well balanced dish. For example, it could be as simple as Korean fried chicken combined with a daikon Kimchee turned into a slider with miso Mayonnaise.

House Made / Artisan Items

This trend is about creating a unique, individualized and memorable experience for guests – all produced and customized in house. This could be a small consumable item that is property-or event-specific … something a guest can take away with them, and which can later transport them back for a few moments to re-experience the event. This may be house-made snack mixes, gourmet popcorn, macaroons, or small jars of house-made jams, chutneys, mustards or infused seasoning salts.

Cocktails, Mocktails and More

Beverages can make an event, and the emphasis should be quality and innovation over quantity. Many classic cocktails are making a comeback, including Manhattans, Side Cars and French 75s. America’s very own whisky, Bourbon, is giving Scotch a run for its money and gin lovers can now choose from a variety of tonics. Talented mixologists are mixing their own infusions from fresh ingredients. Locally brewed craft beers and local wines enhance the overall dining experience and also contribute to sustainability.

Non drinkers don’t want not be limited to simple water or chemically laden soft drinks. Planners can provide non-alcoholic beverages that are imaginatively presented. Fortunately, the current concern with health and safety has given rise to Mocktails, alcohol-free takes on mojitos, Cosmos, Martinis and Bloody Mary with infusions of fresh fruit and colorful garnishes.

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