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December 07, 2019

Merchandising in Food Service Industry

20th February 2018

The menu as the main focus of the food service operation and its relationship to efficient operation, merchandising, theme, and customer satisfaction is examined. "Truth in Menu" issues, in terms, trends in popularity of menu items, layout, and menu copy for merchandising, standardized recipes, pricing techniques, and market surveys will be explored.

Successful merchandising ensures customer satisfaction and encourages both repeat sales and creates a shopping/eating environment everyone enjoys. Appeal to as many of the senses as possible.

There are different Hotel management institutes in Delhi which enhances the technique and skill required for the same.

As I am willing to put some more light on different merchandising techniques followed in food service industry. The Hotel School New Delhi is among those Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi which gives exposure in knowing and understanding the concept and importance of merchandising techniques used in food service industry. The students are exposed to such concepts by industrial visits, lecture by industry experts and training on the same. The Hotel School is among the best Hotel Management Institutes in Delhi imparting quality knowledge to students, grooming them for future and enhancing the techniques, updating them with all latest merchandising techniques in food service industry. The mentioned below are some of the Merchandising techniques in food and beverage sector.

Merchandising Techniques

Physical appearance

Pricing; quality of food, sales

Merchandising terms

Research and Activity

Physical appearance

Physical appearance can create customer loyalty. It is important to provide the basic services consumers look for when choosing a place to eat or a store to shop in.

Colors, décor, music, staffing ratio, theme, cuisine

Presentation of food: 'eat with your eyes'

Menu pricing

Pricing; integral part of food and merchandising, needs to be reasonable/competitive for the venue and the product.

Quality of food and merchandising techniques have a direct effect on pricing; 'get what you pay for'

Need to deliver and satisfy perceived value. Customers need to feel they made the right choice and were not forced into the choice.

Capitalize on the sales of popular products; menu design and layout

Special discounts in which special memberships, tickets, or specific cards get reduced pricing and/or other membership benefit (eg. buy one get one free)

Merchandising terms for preparation method

Select words that create powerful and evocative images and initiate anticipation Home-bake ,Oven-roasted ,Hand-selected ,Pan-seared, Lightly smoked, Aromatic Traditional Spicy, Crunchy, Tangy ,Crisp Delectable.

Merchandising terms for Nutritional claims

Salt free, Fat free, Low calorie,50% less fat,50% less salt, No Trans-fat, Cholesterol free, Heart Healthy, High fiber, Natural source/Organic.

Research & Activity

Determine your target market/variables/characteristics

Ask people what they want, what they like and what they don't like; informal feedback and/or surveys

Find out how much they're willing to spend

How large the portion sizes should be

How value is perceived

Offer foods that reflect trends

Good menu will sell, it will make patrons hungry

If they can't decide among three different items better chance of getting them to return!

Make a lasting impression

Be flexible and aware of customer needs

Staff need to 'deliver' the menu; knowledge, suggestions, service.

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