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December 07, 2019


Laveena Dham

 3rd March 2017

Organizational behavior is all about analyzing human behaviors, their personalities and other factors as it relates to the functioning, structure and growth of the company. As Hospitality industry is much diversified and has requirement of people for different profiles at different levels. Managing them all together comprises of their Organizational behavior as well. In fact at Academic level every Hotel Management Institute focuses on teaching Organizational Behavior to their students.

As we know that in every organization whether it is a Hotel or Hotel Management Institute or a restaurant employees with varied personality join together in performing various jobs. All the employees work together to improve Organizational behavior as it also emerges as formal and informal behavior.

Certainly individuals have different opinions about things, placed in similar situations- all people do not act alike. To handle those situations one has to be good in understanding the values Organizational behavior. These values and ethics are one of the major parts of the academic curriculum of Hotel Management students and all good Hotel management Institute takes responsibility of teaching these values to their students. The Hotel School, New Delhi is one such Hotel Management Institute that believes in teaching organizational behavior to their students in order to make them perfectly suitable for industry.

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