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December 06, 2019


Deepak Atri

20 April 2019

Food wastage is a global Problem. According to food and agriculture organization of the UN, approximately one third of the food produce for the human consumption, which amount to 1.3 billion tons get lost or wasted, shocking ? There’s more

About 21 million tons of wheat are wasted in India and 50% of all food across the world meets the same fate and never reaches the needy. In fact according to the agriculture ministry, INR 50,000 crores worth of food produced is wasted every year in the country.

Food wastage is the food that is discarded or lost uneaten. The Hotel School, New Delhi decoded this problem and teaches to its students how to curb it. In order to find the solution it is very important that all the Hotel Management courses in Delhi should incorporate it in its curriculum..

Hotels in Delhi are not immune to this issue of food waste because according to a recent study, hotels throw away around 40 percent of food which is uneaten. The The Hotel School, New Delhi is very much aware of this issue and teaches its students through which they learn to reduce the amount of food wasted not only in college, hotels but also in homes.

Out of all the hotel management courses in Delhi, The Hotel School, New Delhi follows some simple ways that can reduce food wastage such as:

Avoid over- buying stock – ensure that you only purchase the ingredients that you know your business will use.

The Hotel School, New Delhi also makes it a point that the food is to be stored in the right way and it is also to be issued to the concerned areas as per its receiving in the store, keeping shelf life of the material in mind and thereby reducing the wastage.

Portion control and leftover – Quality is definitely more preferable to quantity .

Compost food waste - the best way to recycle any food waste is to put it into a compost bin rather than sending it to landfills so that it can be put to good use.

The Hotel school, New Delhi is very sensitive of this problem and implementing ways through its students that the right quantity of food is cooked, serving the right portion size and proper plating are as important as the quality, taste and nutritious value of food. So the students are mentored enough to refraining from wasting the food in the industry and thereby curbing this problem a lot to a great extent.

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