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December 09, 2019


Paulomi Ray

5th June 2017

As I discussed in my earlier article that Japanese flower arrangement is one of the oldest arts of flower arrangement, so today I thought my followers should know more about ikebana flower arrangement which is one of the famous & old Japanese arts of flower arrangement, which is now a part of curriculum in Hotel management course in Delhi.

Ikebana is the art of arranging flowers. In Japanese "ike" means to arrange and "bana" means flowers.

Ikebana came to Japan with Buddhism from India via China, around year 6oo a.d. Like in many other religions, the alters in the Japanese temples were also decorated with flowers and fruits. These offerings were the origin of Ikebana. Ikebana means ‘making flower lives. This type of arrangement involves only living fresh flower & foliages.

Most of the ikebana style of flower arrangement represent geometrical structure .This type of flower arrangement carries a symbolic meaning but in all such arrangement Heaven, men,& earth are represented by means of three branches which should be triangular in shape.’ Shin’ the main limb, the highest point of this arrangement represent heaven or vast sky, it ends on the middle axis of the flower vase, the stem should be 2 times the height of the container.’See’ the second heights point of stem represent men it is about 3/4th height of the tallest spray .’Hikae’ the lowest & shortest stem denotes earth, this stem should be half of height of men .If ikebana flower arrangement arrange in a shallow container it is called moribana flower arrangement if arranged in a tall container known as Nigera flower arrangement .For holding the flower kaizen or pinholder are in use to hold flower in bowl. There are lots of various schools of ikebana flower arrangement among them ohara is on e of the best school.

Through this article I hope my followers will get lot of knowledge ,but still lots of things about ikebana still remain to talk about if my followers wants to know about more they can join any hotel management course in Delhi who offers this type of old art within their curriculum or they can wait for my next article.

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