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December 07, 2019


Anil Bhat

27 August 16

Hospitality industry is increasing precedent in an Indian economy. Industries involving catering businesses, airlines, fast food operations, travel agencies and many other sectors have steadily shown a shift towards hospitality professionals in their customer services.

There are few Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi, which are offering Degree in Hotel Management. The Hotel School is one of the Top listed Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi, which emphasizes knowledge and skills required in the hotel industry for all the concerning departments within the organization. The diversity of experience in hotel management is greater than in any other profession. Hotel industry requires combination of various skills like Food and Beverage services, Housekeeping, Front Office Operations, Sales and Marketing and Accounting.

India, because of its diversity in culture, religious, festivals, lifestyle, food etc. has always been attractive tourist destination. Apart from international tourists, there is a huge domestic tourist market in India including business and leisure travelers.

Career in the hospitality industry are not limited to hotels only. This is a manpower intensive industry. It offers better opportunities for employment than other industry. With the increasing globalization, career opportunities in this field are not limited within the country but there are chains and groups of hotels which operate internationally providing scope of a career in abroad.

Government of India is also taking initiative in expanding the hospitality industry in the Indian economy, as directly or indirectly it helps the developing country, socially as well as economically. Hospitality Industry also influencing women employment opportunities due to their politeness and kindness in nature to handle the customer care service in the hospitality Industry. Major role of developing this Industry is in the hands of the Government of India. Group of hotels and chains of hotels are expanding in an enormous manner in India as well as in abroad.

In Delhi, there are so many colleges which are affiliated from different universities, offering the courses in the various field of professional career for the future managers in the industries. One of the professional courses is the Hospitality management. Hospitality management courses are available for the students in various Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi.

Hospitality industry comprises of hotel, catering and travel industry, India because of its rich historical past and varied geographical locations like hill stations and beaches has always been very attractive tourist destination. Apart from international tourists, there is a huge domestic tourist market in India including business and leisure travelers.

Undoubtedly there are a wide range of jobs on offer, i.e. food and beverage managers, event managers, housekeeping managers, sales and marketing jobs, receptionists, bar, conference and banqueting, chefs, waiters, a few to name. If you love entertaining people, master the interaction skills and practical training that will lead to a global career.

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