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December 24, 2019

Travel insurance


21st February 2019

Tourist going abroad need to insure themselves & their luggage against any sudden & unexpected mishap such as sickness, accident, theft, a death which may arise when a person is outside of his country.

In the early days travel insurance was restricted to an individual of upper & upper-middle-class people as travelling itself was an expensive affair, but nowadays for last 20 years with the introduction of few lowest fair flights now travel insurance become so cheap for common people as well

One survey by IATA revealed that in India 38% of people are covered with travel insurance. Nowadays almost all Hotel management colleges in Delhi offers different courses, which promotes the importance of travel insurance for a traveler who travels through any modes of transportation like bus, train, flight etc. but among them The hotel school is best hotel management college in Delhi who encourage their students to enhance knowledge in every aspect of the travel industry.

But there are some rules & regulation to become a travel insurance holder they should have medical insured cover. Travel insurance or overseas medi-claim insurance policy is not a general medi-claim; it is an insurance against any unusual incident pertaining to the health & well being of a person which requires prompt medical attention. Whenever I visit any Hotel management colleges in Delhi for a guest lecture, try to make them realize the importance of travel insurance for those fresher’s who want to become a travel manager.

Insurance companies offer various plans for travel to different destinations. Most insurance companies offer comprehensive travel insurance specially designed for travelers. The insurance premium which needs to be paid by the travelers depends on the following criteria

1) Destination
2) Purpose of visit
3) The present state of health
4) Duration of journey
5 )Age of traveler
6) Number of benefits opted for


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