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December 07, 2019


Paulomi Ray

17th June 2017

Key plays an important roles in hospitality industry, individual heads of departments are responsible for all the keys in their areas. The housekeeper is usually responsible for more keys than any other departmental head. All most all Hotel management colleges in Delhi teach about the types of key used in hotel & how much importance they have into daily operation.

The hotel guest room key is normally issued to open only one room for which it was intended, viz. individualized key for each lock. If the guest room lock is in shut-out mode the guest room key can neither open it nor lock from outside of the room. Below are few types of key configurations used in hotels.

Guest Room Key’s

Master Keys

Grand Master

Emergency Keys

Floor Master Key


Guest Room Keys

These are keys issued to guests upon their registration. The guestroom key opens a single guestroom so long as it is not double locked. Many properties do not list the hotel’s name, address or room number on guestroom keys.

Master Key

These keys open all guestroom doors that are not double locked. They are separated into four levels of access. This type of key carried by GM & EHK

Grandmaster Key

This key opens all hotel guestrooms key & often all housekeeping storage rooms as well. It can also double lock a room if access to it has to be denied.

Floor Master Key

A GRA & floor supervisor is given this key to open the room he or she is assigned to clean or inspect on a floor. These types of key open all the room of that particular floor but it cannot open those rooms which are double locked. It is kept with floor supervisor.

Emergency Key

This key opens all the door in the property even it is double locked. The ‘E’ Key overrides the catch or deadbolt put on by the guest for privacy in the room.

Card Key

Many hotels now a day’s use the card key system. This type of room locking mechanism use regular door locks and special plastic cards that acts as keys to unlock the door, it is just look like a credit card but with specific code which is different for different guest.

But now a day’s control of guestroom keys become a big concern for each & every hotels & only solution is key control, Key control is the process of reducing guest property theft & other security related incident by careful monitoring & tracking the use of key in hospitality operation.

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