Hotel Management Colleges Delhi

Hotel Management Colleges Delhi

December 07, 2019


Laveena Dham

 23 December 16

Most of us like dining outside and trying different cuisines and the best way to do that is going for buffet service. The term buffet refers to a variety of hot and cold food displayed for guest to choose from along with spectacular displays of ice, sugar and margarine carving. You can learn the display and the menu planning of buffet service in hotel management colleges in delhi.

The buffet menu has many practical advantages for serving large numbers of guests, and can be adapted to the needs of the customer for weddings, birthdays and special events. Generally buffets are informal in nature because they involve people moving about and serving themselves.

The buffet is often highly decorated with edible flowers and fruits in season. It may be enhanced with a centerpiece prepared by the chef to show the customers the artistic skill of the kitchen staff.

The layout of the buffet food varies greatly depending on the following factors:

The type of buffet

The occasion

The number of guests

The dishes selected

The style of service

The buffet may be set on one long table or a number of smaller tables. Buffet style service plays a big part in the operation of “all day dining” restaurants in many large hotels.

The position of centerpieces should be decided first and then the dishes should be arranged in the order of the menu.

It is essential to organize the buffet in a way that ensures good guest flow. The best way to learn the buffet layout is through practical exposure given to students during the course. Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi has an advantage to give better exposure to their students by arranging Industrial exposure in various five star hotels. Care must be taken as industrial exposure should be the part of study and arranged as per the curriculum rather than arranged to earn money at the cost of compromising with studies.

The Hotel School (THS) is among the best hotel Management college in delhi which puts in its best efforts and leaves no stone unturned to give quality education to its students.

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