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Hotel Management College

December 07, 2019



21st February 2017

It is one of the most important stages of Guest cycle as this is the first time the hotel and Guest is interacting with each other directly or in directly. During this stage guest makes the booking in advance before the arrival for a room for a specified period of time. The most important outcome of reservation process is having Guest room ready before the guest arrives. The Hotel School is one of the leading Hotel Management College which offers the best facilities to their students to learn and grow.

A hotel’s reservation system is the heart of the hotel itself. For many hotels, a reservation system does more than just book rooms. It also organizes reservations, saves details about guest preference, and can even maximize Rev PAR to yield maximum returns.

The hotel receives reservation not only through direct call but also through travel agencies as they are the potential source of business for any hotel. They are generator and creator of hotel business. Hotel Management College offers the education and industrial exposure to their students not limited to Hotels but also to Travel agencies, where the students learn process of online travel agent bookings.

Global Distribution System is a worldwide computerized reservation network used as a single point of access for reserving hotel rooms it is a network of providers that bring, products and services that are geographically spread to the doors representation of costumer anywhere in the World. The Premier global distribution systems are Amadus, Galileo, Sabre and Worldspan.

With the change in the time the reservation system has changed a lot. It’s not as simple as it use to be earlier where the main role of reservation department was to book rooms as per guest requirement. Now day’s people who want to book room compare rates on website and also compare the facilities and the category of the Hotel before making the reservation. With this change it is important for Hotel to keep the competitive rates.

The reservation departments’ keeps an eye on the rates that are floating in the city to ensure the best plans and rates can be offered to the guest. Hotels keeps on changing their room rates as per the availability if most of the rooms are sold for particular date the rate will be higher and vice versa. The Hotel School is the best Hotel management College where focus is given on students development and grooming as per industry standards.

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