Hotel Management College in Delhi NCR

Hotel Management College in Delhi NCR

December 06, 2019


Chandana Paul

13th July 2018

Wine pairing and Cheese combinations are a complicated science that can be learned in the kitchen through a combination of experience, trial, and error, tradition, culture, and personal preferences. Wine is the perfect partner for a sophisticated cheese board. Wine and cheese pairings are tricky; no two kinds of cheese are the same, and matching the perfect cheese to its perfect wine calls for much care and thought. Wine and cheese pairings are selected like the color in interior design, you can either match or contrast, but the flavor and textures have to complement each other in your palate. It is also a matter of taste…your own. There are some tips to pair cheese with good wine.

Cheese with a high-fat content with Smooth, oily wine

Cheese with high acidity with Sweet, alcoholic wine

Salty cheese with Acidic wines

Cheese and wines from the same region will typically go well together.

Let me put some light on few classic pairing of cheese with wines.

Swiss with Anti spumante, Brie with Sherry, Danish blue with Cabernet, Feta with Beaujolais, Gruyere with Chardonnay, Cheddar with Rioja & Sauvignon Blanc, Gouda with Riesling & many more.

Hotel Management College in Delhi provides the skill, technique & knowledge required to understand & perform this kind of specialized service.

You want a pairing that compliments such as a medium-bodied red with a medium-firm cheese or contrasts, for example, a light, fruity white with a creamy, buttery cheese. You can always follow the sommelier and beverage expert advice that “if it grows together, it goes together” and buy regional matches.

The Hotel School is the best Hotel Management College in Delhi who gives practical exposure to enhance the skill & knowledge required also professionals from the Industry are called to give Valuable inputs to students regarding the same.

An important aspect to consider for pairing cheese and wine is the age of the cheese: fresh cheeses match well with a more acid and fruity wine, while hard cheese prefers a more structured wine. Another important tip is pairing cheese and wine from the same region, in order to preserve and taste the gastronomic culture of a place. It is very common to find an excellent combination of flavors born together.

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