Food Production Courses in Delhi

December 06, 2019



26 April 2019

Gastronomy is the art & science of food. Gastronomy is the term related to food science & technology of the chef which is generally considered the style of cooking. The spotlight is on phenomena taking place during the preparation of dishes. Chefs, food engineers & food scientists are progressively working together with these areas whether in the industry or kitchen. There are many Hotel management colleges in Delhi which offer various diploma & degree courses. The Hotel School in Delhi conducts many certified & degree programs in culinary which taught the students about Gastronomy & the art of cooking different cuisine.

The word Gastronomy has been derived from ancient Greek & consists of two words----Gaster’s & Nomo’s. Where Gaster’s means Stomach & Nomos is related to laws that governs & therefore literally means “the art or law of regulating the stomach”. Gastronomy is the study of food & culture with a particular focus on gourmet, which the Hotel Management Colleges especially The Hotel School in Delhi teaches in its food production courses.

Gastronomy considers all the cooking technique, food science, nutritional facts & everything that has to be done to improve palatability & application of taste. It is basically an understanding of how physics, chemistry & microbiology interplay from the ingredients & raw materials. The Hotel School in Delhi recently conducted a workshop related to different herbs & spices to make its students familiarize with the various types of ingredients. In the Food Production courses The Hotel School also teaches about the development of modern food products. Nowadays Hotel Management Colleges focus on curriculum which is related to the science of gastronomy.

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