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December 06, 2019



30 April 2019

Food safety should normally be everybody’s concern as it is difficult to find anyone who has not encountered an unpleasant moment of food borne illness at least once in last few years. If we analyse the term food safety, it describes all practices that are used to keep our food safe. Food safety usually relies on the joint efforts of all stakeholders involved in food handling throughout the food chain, from farmers and producers to retailers, caterers etc. Food Production course in Delhi includes this topic in its curriculum to reduce the risk of contamination.

As the global supply chains are growing the food safety has become a top concern with both consumers and regulators. In the same direction all the Food Production course in Delhi has taken this with priority specially The Hotel School, new Delhi has given it top priority and teaches its students that Food is essential to life, hence food safety is a basic human necessity. Billions of people in the world are at risk of unsafe food. Many millions become sick while hundreds of thousand die yearly. The food chain starts from farm to fork/plate while challenges include microbial, chemical, personal and environmental hygiene.

Food can easily become contaminated at any stage of production, processing, distribution, storage or preparation. Food borne illness could also result from consuming food that is contaminated by pathogens, toxic chemicals and radioactive materials.

Historically, documented human tragedies and economic disasters due to consuming contaminated food occurred as a result of intentional or unintentional personal conduct and governmental failure to safeguard food quality and safety. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that close to 420,000 people die annually from food contamination and children under the age of five are at the highest risk.

Therefore it is very important that all the Food production Course In Delhi to ensure food safety and this is the main reason why The Hotel School, New Delhi putting efforts to improve food safety by training its students.

Out of all Food Production Course in Delhi The Hotel School, New Delhi follows and teaches all food safety rules in the kitchen some of them are listed below:

Rule 1: Wash hand.

Rule 2: Sanitize work surfaces.

Rule 3: Use separate cutting boards for raw meats, vegetables and produce, and cooked foods.

Rule 4: Cook foods to safe temperatures.

Rule 5: Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.

Rule 6: Knife safety

Rule 7: Safe Food Storage and Handling.

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