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December 07, 2019


20th February 2018

The hospitality industry needs to ensure the most stringent of health policies to protect guest from food poisoning and accidents. This is best achieved by starting with the precautionary measures taken for the staff. Prevent the spreading of germs and bacteria through the provision of regular maintenance and thorough cleaning of facilities and equipment. Anyone who is involved in food handling learn these basic practice during their journey of food production courses in Delhi. The Hotel School is one of the pioneer institutes which offers food production courses in Delhi.

Delhi is famous for its streets food, but from past some days we have experienced lots of cases of food poisoning in the city, there is only one reason behind this and that is, “lack of knowledge, skills and hygiene practice of handling foods”. Only due to wrong practice of handling food people suffer from food poisoning.

Studying Food production courses in Delhi is best for them who wants to learn the safety and hygiene practices. Actually kitchens are ideal breeding grounds for bacteria and pests, if surface and equipment of kitchen are not maintained in a clean condition. Food Workers should keep equipment’s as sterilized as possible.

While studying food production courses in Delhi and other cities students learn that not keeping hygiene in practice leads employees to illnesses that can quickly spread it to other staff and to customers. Staff are advised not to enter the food production area if they are ailing from any illness.

It is also important for every employer to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work for all employees. The employer must provide an environment that is safe and without risk to health, with adequate facilities for the work. When necessary, employers are to provide protective clothing. Employers and self- employed people must ensure the health and safety of persons other than employees at places of work. Person in control of the workplace (supervisors) should ensure safe work practices. Owner must keep under review the measures taken to ensure the health and safety of the customer. The Hotel School which offers Food production courses in Delhi provides you with great guidance regarding all these things.

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