Dried Flower Arrangement

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December 09, 2019



4th January 2017

If someone wants to add some colour in their daily life but getting bored of changing the fresh flower on a regular basis, here is good news for flower loving peoples that dry flower arrangements are now available in market. Dry Flower conservation is not only a hobby but also a profitable business as all materials for dry flower arrangement are easily available in market and also are not too much expensive. Actually it is a pleasurable assignment for all age group especially for school going students. Now a day’s almost all Hotel management courses in Delhi offers this art to their student’s. During those months when little flower are available from the garden & flower price shoot up in the market this foliage & dry flower arrangements are very useful.

Very cheap and minimum materials are required for such flower arrangement like Straw and Styrofoam ,wired , wooden floral picks, pikes, pliers, white glue green pins and 21 gauge wire, cones, leaves etc.

Some common flowers used in dry flower arrangements are rose woods, poppy heads, bulrushesh, ferns, pitch etc.

In this drying process flowers can be dried using various methods such as air dry, vacuum drying oven drying, sand drying, etc

Dry plant can be arranged in a container or with fresh flowers. These also can use as enduring or semi enduring décor in hotels, hospital, hostels. I love to teach this art to my students pursuing hotel management courses in Delhi.

People who are allergic with the fragrance of fresh flowers can’t enjoy the soothing smells of fresh flowers also can enjoy the beauty of flower thanks to dry flower artists.

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