Chef Sanjyot Kheer At The Hotel School

chef sanjyot kheer at the hotel school

April 18, 2023

Exciting News! Celebrity Chef Sanjyot Keer visits The Hotel School, New Delhi! 

We were thrilled to welcome the renowned Chef Sanjyot Keer, founder of Your Food Lab and culinary influencer, to The Hotel School today! Our students and faculty gathered enthusiastically for an insightful guest lecture and an engaging Q&A session with Chef Keer. 

During his talk, Chef Keer shared his inspiring journey as a chef and food influencer, his love for Indian cuisine, and his efforts to popularize it globally.  He also discussed the importance of the following principles for creating appealing and innovative dishes:

# Appealing to the eye 

# Simplicity in preparation 

# Constant innovation 

Chef Keer's passion for cooking and his dedication to the craft impacted our students. He generously answered their questions about overcoming challenges, staying updated with food trends, and developing unique recipes. 

We were delighted by Chef Keer's down-to-earth demeanor as he happily took selfies with our excited students and took a tour of our institute. He was particularly impressed with our state-of-the-art Food Production Lab! 

The event was a massive success, and our students left feeling motivated and inspired to chase their culinary dreams! Thank you, Chef Sanjyot Keer, for an unforgettable day at The Hotel School, New Delhi!