Career in Bakery and Confectionery Course

Bakery and Confectionery Course in Delhi

December 07, 2019


Preeti Grover Luthra


05 October 16

The Hotel School among the Best Hotel Management Institute in Delhi has been designed to be a world-class training centre where dedication and close ties to the hospitality and tourism industry are hallmarks of teaching and learning. Students get unparalleled instruction from the best mentors in the field and gain an excellent head start in the dynamic and exciting world of hospitality, catering & tourism.

There are few Best Hotel Management Institute in Delhi, which are offering specialization in the Bakery Course, enables an individual student to become expertise in the Bakery Production in kitchen department.

The Bakery and Confectionery Department trains the students in the art of making most exotic breads, confectioneries like pudding, cakes, ice creams etc. to make them adept in this field.

The program is precisely aimed at helping individuals to acquire skills required for Bakery and Confectionery and enhance communication and soft skills that will prepare them for a global career. Students are taught the essentials of communication and grooming, as these skills are a key differentiator in a professional career.

Among the Best Hotel Management Institute in Delhi, The Hotel School is qualified with globally experienced trainers for Bakery and Confectionery, Communication skills, which provides skill/language training where students simultaneously learn to speak and communicate effectively.

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