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December 07, 2019



 19 July 2017

The nature of all emergencies is the same: they are uncontrollable and unforeseen. Thus all properties must be prepared them and have emergency plans in writing. After terrorist attack 0n 26/11/2009 a hotel must train their individual how to handle emergency situation. Emergency may come in any form -earthquakes, floods, tsunami, bomb threat, terrorist attack and so on. An emergency plans must be a part of the SOPs. Now almost all Top hotel management institute in Delhi teaches about situation handling during emergency.

Some procedure always should be followed and they are given below

Action plan during emergency

Delegation of responsibilities among all the staff member during emergency

Checking proper implementing action plan

Now a big question is how a hotelier can make plan to deal with any kind of emergency situation

Contingency planning should be done on the following lines

Employee training- Good training is very much important for dealing any emergencies

Contingency plan review- A contingency plan should be reviewed by those people who are responsible for these.

Emergency Checklist-Each and every HOD should make a checklist to outline the action to be developed during emergencies.

First aid training and supplies- A first aid training should give to each and every employee. A complete first aid kit should be maintained at all times.

Among all Top Hotel management institute in Delhi The hotel school is the one who emphasise on emergency situation handling during hotel management courses.

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