Best Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi

Best Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi

December 07, 2019


Paulami Ray


17 November 16

Today I will cover Bonsai as it is a very old art in Horticulture

Bonsai is a very old horticultural art that is believed by some authorities that it was commence from china by the Buddhist monk ,later they spread this art to Korea & then to Japan. But other thought says that it is emerge from Japan .Before 1000BC Bonsai grown in china but true bonsai making started only around 600BC.

Bonsai literally means’s a miniature designed ‘plant in a tray’. In this creative art living raw material are tree & plants. In the bonsai art the structure, shape, component of full tree or a plant, as found in nature is just exactly copied in miniature. Now days the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi teaches this art to their students.

Good bonsai design should be artistically beautiful, with convincing horticultural clues & should convey thematic massage .While making bonsai we should consider the morphology & environmental factors.

Once the tree has been planted in pot it needs continual attention .Proper watering sun lights is important for bonsai culture, ideally watering should be done twice a day during summer but in winter some time watering needs twice a week. During culture bonsai should be placed at west part of the building from where it can get a good sunlight. If you want to learn this art from the Best Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi the Hotel school is a good option.

There are different style of bonsai seen in market among them upright style, root rock style, clump style, cascade styles are very famous in hotels. To teach this art to their students The Best Hotel Management Colleges in Delhi should invite the industrial experts. This will help to spread awareness about this art to the Hospitality Students.

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