Bakery Workshop at The Hotel School

bakery workshop at the hotel school

September 06, 2023

The Hotel School's Bakery Workshop: A Delicious Journey!


The Hotel School's bakery lab recently hummed with excitement as our eager 1st-year degree students embarked on a delectable adventure. Guided by the seasoned expertise of Chef Komal, celebrated for her remarkable career in cruise lines and hotels, they immersed themselves in the art of baking.


Over the course of five exhilarating days, our budding bakers displayed their culinary prowess by crafting a mouthwatering array of treats. From the flaky perfection of Croissants to the sweet indulgence of Donuts and Danish Pastries, they ventured into the world of Fruit Bread, Banana Bread, Baguettes, Lavash and bread Rolls, Masala Buns, Cupcakes, Focaccia, and the timeless White Bread.


The kitchen also witnessed the creation of Chocolate Genoise, Fruit Trifle, and an assortment of Cakes, including luscious Chocolate, classic Vanilla, and tempting Fruit Cakes.


This workshop was a delightful fusion of learning and creativity, with Chef Komal's expert guidance yielding exceptional results. We applaud our dedicated students for their passion and commitment to mastering the culinary arts.