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Hotel Management Course in Delhi


The Hotel School, Delhi organise events and activities to give today's youth a platform to showcase their talent. Regular activities are organized at THS for students by the organizing committee. Organizing Committee members are elected by the student's of each semester from each course. Activities are scheduled throughout the year to boost the talents of students leading to their overall development. Our most popular events include sports week, Youth Fest, Chef Competitions, writing competitions, debates, Teacher's Day Celebrations, etc.

Innovaton In You

A profligate event on culinary competition for students happened in THS. All the students participated in the event with great enthusiasm. Participants were allotted a mystery box of raw material and they demonstrated their skills by presenting mouth watering dishes. It was a flavorsome event which has left all the palates with great tastes and flavors. This is a motivating factor for the emerging chef to show their talent on plate.

Fresher’s Party

The Hotel School has fêted a Fresher’s party Fizz to welcome the fresher’s. It was an event filled with talent, music, excitement and enthusiasm. The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Kuldeep Singh Chauhan, Head Human Resources from The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa who graced the event with his presence. The energy of the students was stupendous. The event comprised of Mr. & Ms. Fresher competition as well as with fabulous performances from new students and their senior.

World Students’ Day

THS celebrated world student’s day to felicitate diversity and cooperation among students across the globe. The Day has turned into an occasion for institute which was a boost to our students. The Hotel School, New Delhi also celebrated the day by felicitating those students who are touching horizons by their great performance in academics, co-curricular activities, attendance, discipline & grooming etc. The award ceremony started with remembering Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, his great achievements and contribution towards welfare of students as he always wanted people to recall him as a teacher.

Mocktail Competition

The Hotel School organized a mock tail competition in the institute in which students prepared different mock tails. Students showcased their skills as mixologist and amazing flaring techniques. Though the organization has many events but this event came with true colors.

Bake The Cake Competition

New Year spirit was unveiled at THE HOTEL SCHOOL with the Cake Competition, “BAKE THE CAKE -2016”. The time the students had put into the cakes were noticeable and the results were very remarkable. Chef Sachin Rathore from Holiday Inn was esteemed judge for the event and the students showed their creativity by providing the best of recipes of yummiest cakes. It was a mouth watering event for all present in the event which left with great tastes of amazing recipes.

Writing Competition

THS has encouraged the latent talent in students by giving an opportunity to participate in the writing competition. Students with great strength have participated in the competition. THS found so many students with great writing skills and honored them with mementos. Such competitions also build up the confidence level and knowledge of the students.

Cricket Tournament

THS believes in not only providing prescribed education but also ensures students learn team work. This year Champions Cricket League-2017 (inter college cricket tournament) was done with great enthusiasm on a beautiful cricket ground. Students enjoyed it thoroughly.

International Chefs Day

This year The Hotel School, Delhi for the first time celebrated the International Chefs ‘Day at a big level where many students participated in the event. The competition was based on a theme given to the students i.e. “COLORS ON PLATE” and the base ingredient was rice. The competition was at great level and the students were judged on five categories i.e. hygiene, flavor, knowledge, texture and presentation skills. With all these and other regular events life at The Hotel School will never be dull.

Sports and Events

The Hotel School believes in not only providing prescribed education but also ensures students to learn team work, individual and group responsibility, a sense of culture and community, physical strength and endurance. It also helps in developing a sense of attachment of every student with the school. Every year sports week is organized at THS in which participation for every student is mandatory.

Youth Fest

THS places a great deal of emphasis on boosting student's confidence through culture programmes, Youth Fest, Josh etc. These programmes provide the students with platform to showcase and enhance their talents. Through the organization of cultural events, THS helps the students to learn about different culture and respect them, which in turn enables them to become better human beings. These events are held every year to offer its students a vibrant, invigorating and colorful environment beyond the academics. With all these and other regular events life at The Hotel School will never be dull.

The Food Festival-Les Repas(Chef Competitions)

True spirits come out in flying colors as individuals are given a chance to prove themselves using their culinary skills and Delightful recipes and flavor to produce the mouth watering delicacies. This is a motivating factor for emerging chef to develop their interest on world famous cuisines like Indian, continental, oriental, Chinese etc. Hospitality Professionals are invited to judge the competitions every year as well as students take active participation with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Debate Competitions

Students are encouraged to participate in the debate competition so that students communication skills are improved. Such competitions also build up the confidence level and knowledge of the students. The debates are watched and evaluated by the judges based on quality and reference of the subject.

Celebration of Festivals

Students at The Hotel School are from different geographical area of India and outside the country. As students are of different cultures, celebrations of festivals bring in a cultural balance which is a great motivational factor for any individual.

Tour and Professional Excursions

World is all about exploring the diversity of each place, its lifestyle, culture, food, religion, etc. To impart knowledge regarding the same The Hotel School organize Tours and Professional Excursions every year. This also helps to improve student's vision as they learn by visualizing and observing things which make the learning experience more enjoyable.

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